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joi, 23 martie 2023

How to Choose your Shapewear? Take a look!


If you've done even basic research on shapewear, you must have been impressed with the variety of models and fabrics you found.

You may want to buy some pieces and not know how to combine them with other clothes you already have in your closet. How to put together looks for different occasions using shapewear assertively? How to combine a soft lounge dress, for example, with shoes and other accessories?

1. Shopping at the mall

It could be your day off or when you have that extra hour on a less busy day. You'll want to make your shopping day at the mall a fun event.

You can choose comfortable shapewear to enjoy the shopping tour. One-off pieces, like lounge maxi dresses, serve this purpose very well. Shapes your entire body, smoothing imperfections on the belly, thighs and hips. Draws the butt evenly and promotes a slight adjustment in the breast region.

You should choose shoes that are equally comfortable, as you will need to go for long walks. A sneakers with light leather, or even a short pipe boots combine very well. For hot days, sandals with an opening are a good suggestion.

Include accessories that can make your look more elegant like max necklaces, rings and bracelets. Scholarships also play an important role in this organization. Choose straight models, neutral colors like beige or brown.

2. Dinner with friends

For a dinner with friends, you can invest in more informal and stripped looks. It's probably a time of relaxation to catch up on the news.

You can pair with shapewear leggings in a neutral color for more definition in your thighs, hips and lower body. Combine with a loose blouse in a warm and cheerful tone.

Vibrant colors were all the rage this year. Invest in tones that remind you of the sunset, such as: red, hot pink, orange and yellow.

Another option could be a spaghetti strap bodysuit paired with cargo pants. Military-style pants with side pockets have become a fashion boom and collect many fans.

Pair with white or light-colored sneakers. This composition is perfect for warmer days and outdoor restaurants like those in coastal cities.

3. Picnic with the family 

For a picnic in a park or field with the family, the option is always to choose light, fresh clothes that make you feel safe.

The wide crotch panties become a very comfortable type of shapewear for this occasion. She goes well with many types of clothes and can be the ally you were looking for. You will be able to walk, move, sit down to eat on the picnic blanket, maintaining a well-structured silhouette.

This type of fit will provide good support for your tummy and back. You can wear it with shorts, skirts, looser and refreshing blouses. These shapewear are good options to wear under Max crepe pleated skirts, as they don't have strong lines and leave you free to opt for more fluid fabrics.

Tie up your hair and accessorize with cute accessories like glitter barrettes, designed with fun details and geometric shapes. It's a time to relax with the family, so don't worry about using more casual and different pieces.

Blog editor: Simona Tucu

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