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miercuri, 15 noiembrie 2023

Don't Miss Sustainable Sportswear from Cosmolle

Our planet has suffered a lot on the hands of us. That’s because we have been lighting fires and dumping waste like there is no tomorrow, but it has led to climate change. This is causing a lot of catastrophes, which is why people are taking the road to sustainability. Sustainability is all about being smart about using the natural resources and reusing the waste materials.

Cosmolle is one such brand, as they make the most comfortable wireless bra and leggings from recycled nylon. This material is soft on your skin and helps save Earth. So, we are sharing a few sustainable sportswear by Cosmolle.

AirWear Bike Shorts

If you are someone who likes wearing shorts for their comfort, these bike shorts are an amazing choice. The shorts are designed with a peach buttock design, which leads to a well-shaped and rounded butt. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your figure will look flattered, and that’s enough motivation to keep going while working out and training. The shorts have a high-waisted design, which helps with tummy control.

For instance, if you have a bulging belly, these shorts will help create the image of a narrow and slim waist. Also, you can wear it with a variety of support bras, so it’s versatile as well.

Product link - https://www.cosmolle.com/products/airwear-bike-shorts

AirWear Long Sleeve Top

A comfortable top that you can pair with high waisted workout leggings is something every sportswoman wants. In addition to this, it can help with workouts and yoga sessions as well. For this reason, we are talking about this long sleeve top. The top is designed with an elastic hemline, which keeps the breasts supported.

The long sleeves have contoured stitching and styling, which means your arms will look more toned and sculpted. Also, there are thumbholes at the end of the sleeves, so the sleeves won’t move while working out.

Product link - https://www.cosmolle.com/products/airwear-long-sleeve-top

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

If you are looking for a set that keeps you going while working out or training for your favorite sport, this bike shorts set by Cosmolle is a promising choice. The shorts have a high-waisted design, which helps cover the belly fat as well as tummy rolls. As a result, the waist will appear slimmer, and that’s something every woman dreams of. On the contrary, the support bra is suitable for every woman, including the ones with big busts. Also, there is a scoop neckline for a sexy aesthetic.

Product link - https://www.cosmolle.com/products/airwear-sports-bra-bike-shorts-set

Seamless Cutout Bodysuit

Being in style is as important as being comfortable, which is why we have added this cutout bodysuit to the list. The bodysuit has been designed with a snap button closure, so you will be able to use the restroom easily. The cutout design on the front helps you show off your abs (it’s okay to flaunt!). In addition to this, the neckline is a balance of square and scoop, so the collarbone and chest look amazingly hot!

Blog editor: Simona Tucu

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