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luni, 4 august 2014

Comunicat de presă - Ocrun Activity Of August

----------------------------Lolita Bloomers Gift----------------------------------

"To express our gratefulness to all our customers, a special activity will be held in this month. Anyone who orders 2 dresses in our store one time at random, will be get a piece of lolita bloomers as gift!! 

Do not miss this chance :
* Free = Shipping + Custom made + Lolita gift + Underskirt
*  Up to 50% off
*  5% coupon for new customer
*  Valid time: August 1-- 31

Ocrun is the leading supplier of online shopping for Lolita clothing.
Ocruns mission is to provide our consumers and partners with products of high quality, low price, fast distribution and professional service.

Lolita is a very special fashion style featuring its childlike innocence and old-fashioned elegance.There are three main types of lolita clothing: sweet lolita, elegant gothic lolita and classic lolita. But you may also find other styles of lolita clothing here such as school lolita dresses, cosplay lolita dresses, gothic victorian dresses and so on. 

Welcome to ocrun.com, thanks!"

You can join ocrun.com:

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