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luni, 4 septembrie 2023

How to style outfits for any fall weather


As autumn approaches, it's time for the flannels, sweaters, boots, and tights to emerge from the back of your closet. It also means it's time for drinking pumpkin spice lattes to warm up as a cold breeze sends the leaves falling to the ground.

But on the same day, you might be enjoying the warm sun shining on your face during a picnic. As the seasons change it can be hard getting ready in the morning, or before a night out, as you have to know what to wear or bring to make sure you are prepared for anything Mother Nature has planned. These tips will help you recognize pieces that can be adapted to any weather, as well as know different uses for the staples in your closet to be able to create a versatile fall wardrobe and stay comfortable  no matter the weather.

The importance of planning ahead

When looking for adaptability in clothing it is important to plan ahead and coordinate your outfit to the predicted weather. Looking ahead and being able to prepare for the drop in temperature at night or the expected rain is key to knowing when to create a more layered look, or to grab a bigger bag that can hold an extra umbrella. Year-round, it's also helpful to check the practicality of an outfit before going out. Are those shoes really going to be comfortable to stand in for 4 hours? Is the dress going to keep you warm enough or should you maybe throw on some tights? Overall planning your outfits to fit your day and the weather is a great way to remain prepared and dress for even unpredictable fall days.


Create outfits with versatile pieces

But everyone is busy and has those days when checking the weather slips the mind, but after   stepping outside you realize it looked a lot warmer while in the heat of your home. For those  times it's important to use the basics that function when it's both hot and cold. Items like long skirts are perfect as they give your legs plenty of cover but also can let in a nice breeze. Longer socks and long or ¾ length sleeves also are great at allowing you to bundle up, or bunch up the fabric if you get warmer. As the days change bring more of these warm but breezy outfits into rotation.


Change your look throughout the day

Along with pieces that offer versatility there are also lots of outfit ideas you can find inspiration from that use the adaptability of clothing to bring out their full potential. For example, jackets that you can wear or tie around your waist are great ways to alter your look to fit the needs of the current climate while also giving you options in case of changes. Scarves are an autumn wardrobe essential as there are so many ways you can wear them, and the style, plus warmth you get from them, can easily change. Also never underestimate the power of an accessory. Bags are perfect for completing an outfit but also have extra storage for a jacket or scarf.

The importance of layers

But remember, whatever you wear this fall the most important thing is layers! Layers not only allow you to express more of your fashion personality but also leave you with options as you go throughout the day to guarantee that you are comfortable while walking outside, sitting at your  desk, and relaxing at home. So get out there and enjoy your fall while looking your best using these practical fall fashion tips!

Blog editor: Simona Tucu

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